June 24, 2021
Carts: 90 Degrees
Practice Range: Open

Starting on #10



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Woodmont Golf & Country Club takes our Members' and guests safety seriously. Customer safety is our paramount concern. We consistently surpass the recommended safety and sanitation Orders by the State and have helped shape the Georgia PGA's recommendations. These guidelines and recommendations are changing almost daily, and we are constantly having to adjust our operational procedures to remain in compliance.

Over the past few months, we have increased our staffing and implemented new procedures to ensure all carts are properly sanitized before use.  We have also worked with our course maintenance team to ensure touch points on the golf course were limited and sanitized on a daily basis.  In the clubhouse we have added a hand sanitizing station at the front entrance, supplied all staff with facial coverings, and hired additional cleaning staff to ensure we remain a safe environment for all Members & Guests.

The Georgia PGA recently published their recommendations on cart usage. “We strongly encourage facilities to consider all of the following actions to offer a safer environment for golfers to enjoy the game while also helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19:


  1. Provide golfers with the option to take a cart by themselves, especially anyone that is at higher risk according to publicly available guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  2. Offer face masks to anyone choosing to ride in a cart with another individual.
  3. Install a temporary partition or shield between individuals riding in a cart and communicate that the same individual should drive the cart throughout the round. Disinfect the partition/shield along with the rest of cart after each use. These partitions and shields are currently available for purchase through golf cart manufacturers and other sources.”


We have provided an option for golfers to take a cart by themselves based on cart availability at the discounted rate of $38.   We believe that all golfers, when they are given the facts, will consider their individual medical issues and make the appropriate decision regarding how and when to play golf. We recommend face masks for any golfer who is concerned with social distancing concerns. 

Playing golf is an outdoor activity in a non-sterile environment and 100% voluntary. Taking a golf cart is a privilege for most golfers. We have been very transparent about the steps we have taken to sanitize our golf carts and safely provide playing opportunities to our golfers considering all current recommendations and State Orders. Our decision to offer a discounted single-rider cart option was not done in a vacuum.  This decision was made in conjunction with discussions and feedback from many of the stakeholders at Woodmont.  After these discussions, we reduced our initial recommended rate, age restriction and requiring a doctor's note as not to unduly burden anyone’s current personal preferences. We are balancing the safety concerns and playing expectations of all golfers while providing preferential access and privileges to our club membership.

We recognize that offering a single-rider cart option will reduce the number of carts available for our members and guests. Please excuse any future inconvenience the single-rider cart option may create, but it has been done solely in the best interest of some individual safety concerns.  We will provide carts to Members on a priority basis and public golfers and last-minute tee times on a space available basis. We ask that all golfers who do not feel safe riding with another golfer, please consider walking or not playing to enable us to have as many carts as possible available for Members.