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Junior Golf

Woodmont Golf and Country Club has a very successful and complete Junior Golf Program. Since 2018, we have worked towards the future of this great game. We cover all ages from age five thru the High School years. We teach from the beginner to the advanced player both Boys and Girls. We encourage sportsmanship, integrity, friendship, courtesy, and a safe environment.

After School Golf Classes

We offer our After School Golf Classes every March, April, and May. These classes are in a group setting with a maximum of 14 per class, welcome to ages 5 - 13. Instruction will cover Full Swing, Putting, Chipping and Pitching, and Sand/Course Etiquette.

$125/$150 Per Month (Member/Non-Member)

Click here to fill out our registration form.


Month Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Play Day
March 5 6 7 30
  19 20 21  
  26 27 28  
April 9 10 11 27
  16 17 18  
  23 24 25  
May 7 8 9 25
  14 15 16  
  21 22 23  


Woodmont Junior Golf Teams

We will be hosting our Junior Golf Teams through May, June, and July. These teams will be divided by age and practice matches will be determined for each team by our coaches after sign up. All matches will be held here at Woodmont.

$310/$360 Per Player (Member/Non-Member)

Registration will begin March 1st.

Pricing Includes:
Practice sessions
2-Team Golf Shirts
Drinks During Matches
Practice Sessions with Coaches - Coach Craig, Coach Phillip, and Coach Samantha

2 Teams Per Age Group, 8 Players Per Team:
7-8 year olds (3/6 hole matches)
9-10 year olds (6 hole matches)
11 -12 year olds (9 hole matches)
13 -14 year old (9 hole matches)

Saturday Match Date Match Time
May 18 4:00pm
June 8 4:00pm
June 22 4:00pm
July 13 4:00pm
July 27 4:00pm

Click here to email Craig with any questions.

Summer Golf Camps

This year we are offering our Summer Golf Camps May, June, and July. There are five camps total and they are welcome to ages 5 - 14 of all skill levels. The first two days of each camp will be 9:00am - 12:00pm and the third day 8:00am - 11:00am. Each camp will be spent on between the Driving Range, Putting Green, and Golf Course.

$165/$195 (Member/Non-Member)


Month Wednesday Thursday Friday
May 29 30 31
June 12 13 14
  26 27 28
July 10 11 12
  24 25 26

Individual Instruction (One on One Lessons)

Craig Stevens, PGA Director of Instruction
Ages 10 and above

Eric Steele, PGA Head Golf Professional

Phillip Westberry, Assistant Golf Professional

Woodmont Golf and Country Club
105 Gaddis Road
Canton, GA 30115

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